Sunday 1 April 2012

April over at Lilys

Having missed the last couple of months over at Lilys quilts, I am able to post this one as it is a weekend (I just don't get the time during the week at the moment!)
Whilst you are over there take a moment to have a look at
Quilts for Siblings Together
It is such an amazing cause and lots of people have already come together to help out - this is the quilt that I am donating

Its great to think that it is going to such a great cause.  Take a look and see if you have a spare quilt or have time to put something together?

Anyway, back to March:

 I got my stained quilt all sewn up.  I just need to get it all basted now
 my lovely blueberry crumble lap quilt: I love these colours!
 This bag that I gave to my cousin for a birthday present

And this lovely bucket bag, that I made for myself and have used loads.  I have bought more material to make some bags so will have some more to show hopefully

I have spent a lot of march hand quilting this in the evenings:

It is so nearly complete and I can't wait to get it all finished, it has been a long time in the making as all those mugs are appliqued on to the quilt!

I hope April is a productive one for you all


  1. You've had a busy month! I love your mug quilt!

  2. Hiya thought I'd drop in and follow along!
    Love the stained quilt! You've been so productive this month! Loving those bags

  3. What a great month you had! Love your stained top.

  4. Oh my goodness, you have done so much and all lovely! Love the quilt you are giving to Siblings Together Catherine.

  5. Wow Catherine, you have so many lovely projects to show off. I love those bags and the quilts, and well, all of it.

  6. Great quilts! Love the one you are donating to such a good cause.

  7. I love your donated quilt and so will the recipient!

  8. You have been really busy Catherine. Love the starry quilt you are donating.

  9. what a lovely quilt to donate. I'm making some blocks for the two group projects on the go. Really like the stained quilt top too

  10. wow - you have been busy - excellent finishes and lovely quilt you're donating to the cause - i think i'll make some blocks up - it's expensive to send a whole quilt to the uk from here, but a few blocks will be good i think - must get onto that...


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