Friday 13 April 2012

1st finish of 2nd round

About 8 years ago I saw a pattern for this mug quilt, done in very muted colours and before I really started quilting - and I thought - I want to do that.  Ta da: it's finished!!

I used lots of scrappy bits of fabric and it is a lovely bright quilt

 Its all hand quilted in different colours to try and contrast with the material
 The back of the quilt is a duvet cover that I picked up at a charity shop for a couple of quid
 I blanket stiched around each mug
 and I know exactly what I previously made out of almost every scrap of fabric on here
 This quilt has been a few years in the making, mostly down to all the blanket stitching! I think it is one of my favourites.  AND its my first Rhonda's FAL finish of the 2nd quarter!

I have also started on my next FAL project: which invovles the green and orange perle (just wanted to show you that fab red, white and blue perle too!)
 my mystery quilt is up next - I have already started hand quilting.  This was a hard one to decide how to quilt, so I went for the easy option and will stitch in the ditch around most of those stars
I have no children this weekend, so if you need me, I will be on the settee in the conservatory : hand quilting!


  1. Your mug quilt looks fabulous with all that hand stitching. What a huge job! You should be happy with this one indeed.

  2. well done .. it is fun and bright. xx

  3. So good for a snuggle under with...a cup of tea!

  4. Wow, all that hand stitching, well done you. And that is just the best bit about scrappy quilts, remembering where the fabric came from or what it was in a former life.

  5. Love the mug quilt! Just today I saw some tea-pot fabric! =D

  6. Fabulous finish C! You're off to a great start! Jxo

  7. I love that mug quilt, congratulations on the finish! And your quilting on the mystery quilt is looking great!

  8. Wow, I love your mug quilt!


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