Monday 25 April 2011

Baby Love

I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing Easter break.  I manged to get lots of sewing in interspersed with bits of housework, lots of ironing, driving instructor etc etc.

I started to make things for Zoe's baby, which is due in July.  I bought some cheap 'sickie' cloths a while ago, with a plan to jazz them up, so did the 1st one with some Peter Rabbit material and rik rak.

Then I decided to make a container for nappies, and used some more of the fabric.  And then another container.... different style, to put cotton wool and lotion in

And then these...... they were so easy to make and so addictive!  I had bought some bibs, but they were average, so I decided to trace the outline and make my own.  They take about 15 mins each start to finish and I am going to make loads more.  (they just need velcro to go on now)  Alison,Ben and Daniel may be coming next weekend so the two blue ones are for him

Apart from that, I have sat in the garden, hand quilting.  Jenny said I looked like an old granny with  a blanket over my legs in the sun!!  I have finished hand quilting Zoe and Tims quilt and nearly finished another one that has been lying around for too long.  On Wednesday I will get the binding I want for Zoe and Tims and get that all finished - only four weeks to go to the wedding!
And, oh yes, I ordered some more Amy Butler online, so will be watching out for the postman.....

Thursday 21 April 2011

Seeing things

Today I was sitting on the bus on the way back to the park and ride.  Sitting there, too hot, thinking I can't wait for the 4 day weekend.  The bus stopped in traffic and I looked at the building opposite and notice the stained glass windows

How many times have I stopped outside this building and stared at it and not noticed these windows!  Inspiration struck me and I realised it was just what I wanted for my Amy Butler fabric. 

The window also had a circle in the middle of the black cross, I will decide if I want that when I get further along.
Anyway, I got home and laid out my fabric, got the colours together:

then I started sewing them all together....

The only problem is - I just don't appear to have enough squares!  I will end up with 7 squares in total - obviously an odd number won't work, but on top of that 7 is just not enough!!.  So my job this weekend will be to track down some more of this material in the local shops: hard work, but someone's got to do it!!

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Summery evening

Jenny and I went out for our tea tonight.  It was such a lovely evening, and I had confirmation today that I have passed all my exams for my intermediate year of my AAT, so I decided to treat ourselves.  We sat by the river in the sunshine

Unfortunately our meal was not good, we went for Aberdeen Angus burgers: we took one mouthful and spat them out - they were very undercooked and very soggy.  We sent them back and I think they came back freshly microwaved (!!), but by then the chips were cold.  All very dissapointing, but we enjoyed each others company and the sunshine, which is the important thing

This is something I have been wanting to do for ages : cover my boring black filofax.  I didn't use a pattern, just went with it.


 I am really pleased with how it has turned out.  I made it with 'sleeves' as it has slots in the front that I can still use, so didn't want to cover the inside as well.  Also, the top and bottom edges do not come over in to the inside as the metal binding on the inside would not allow this.

I used one of Beccys hair bobbles for the elastic bit and sewed a little yellow flower over it so that you can't see where it is sewn.


Now I am looking forward to work tomorrow, to use my new, improved filofax!

Sunday 17 April 2011

Lazy Sunday

 We had a lovely time at Zoe's hen do last night: we all had our nails done, something which I never do!  They look fantastic.
We had a very late night and walked home about midnight, it was a lovely night.  Consequently we are tired people today, so have had a lazy day.

I started these last summer.  I saw the pattern in the very 1st quilt magazine I bought , 10 years ago and have been wanting to make something like it since then.  I finally sorted out all my bright colours and made a start last year

so, feeling a little jaded, I sat out in the sunshine today and sewed some more blocks.  I have about 10 left to do and then I will start adding some sashing and making it up.  I always like to have some kind of hand sewing or applique to have to hand

And, because I can't bear not to have used the sewing machine on a weekend, I whizzed these up as well, the top is a coaster to use up some bits and pieces and then I made another fabric basket -  I really like these and will definately make some more!

Four days at work this week, and then four days off - can't wait!

Saturday 16 April 2011


Tonight is my friend Zoes' hen night.  This is what Jenny and Beccy have made today and yesterday for the hen night

I was working all day yesterday and out most of today, so can take absolutely no credit for these fantastic creations

 Zoe is having a get together of her friends and family at her mums house tonight, for a pamper party, with nibbles and drinks.  I designed a 'Mocktail Menu' for those who don't drink alcohol and bought up a load of fruit juices, fizzy drinks, fruit, ice and straws. I did also buy some of the real stuff and we have plenty of bubbly as well.

So, now I need to go and glam myself up - the girls are already upstairs glamming up, and then decide whether to go for a manicure or a pedicure...... 

Wednesday 13 April 2011

Cosmetic bag

This is todays making.  A cosmetic bag from Sew Mama Sew: tutorial

I wanted to give it a go because the last time I worked with a zip I think I was about 12!  There was a few bits of unpicking, because I read the pattern and then did something completely different!  I am not sure that I have got the zip quite right, it looks fine, but also it doesn't, so I will make a few more.

It didn;t take long to make, less than an hour.  Work has been really hectic (I travel between schools and help out with their finances, and it is year end, so ridiculously busy) On Monday, I travelled 100 miles and didn't get home till 7.30 and yesterday was a stressful day, so today when I got home at 4 I really needed to sew and this was just the thing.
I have my friend Zoe coming round for tea tonight.  It is her wedding in May.  Anyway, she has sold her little Renault Clio to Jenny and we take delivery tonight!  Jen hasn't passed her test yet,  she is not able to drive my car as it is a work car and I can't put her on the insurance, so she was getting no practise between her lessons.  She has paid for the car herself and I am really proud of her saving for it. 
Beware of the roads in North Essex.......!

Pay it Forward

Fantastic, I was the 3rd comment on Sheila's blog, so I get to join Pay it Forward:

How does it work?
I Will make a little something for the first 3 people who comment on this post. It will be a surprise and it will arrive when you least expect it.

I will have 365 days to do it in. What's the catch? To get a handmade present from me, you have to play too! This means YOU pledge to send a little handmade something to 3 readers of your blog. It doesn't have to be quilty - just handmade.

You must have a blog.

Once you receive your "little something", you must post about your Pay it Forward on your blog to keep the fun going - be sure to use the Pay It Forward badge.

  This should be fun....

Tuesday 12 April 2011


I discovered this blog this morning: mmmcrafts.  There are some fantastic things on there, including a tutorial for fabric covered lettering.  I have seen these around - my local shop does a letter for £6.00: uncovered!!  I think that is expensive.  Last summer I wallpapered the eating end of my kitchen and decided to jazz it up with some lettering:

I love how it looks.  I used some cardboard from a cereal box and drew out the letters, some wadding, scrap material and a glue gun. And hey presto.  Just think, it could have cost me £18 just to buy the letters!
The little apple wall hanging to the right is one of mine too.
Larissa's blog also has a link to another blog with this tutorial: purl bee tutorial, that shows a quilt with circles using liberty fabric.  So I was thinking how great it would look with smaller circles, made from my Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric: I feel another project coming on!

Sunday 10 April 2011

More cushions!

I love the beach, like lots of other people!  Our nearest beach is Mersea, about 30 minutes away which is very stony, or Frinton, about 45 mins away but a lovely sandy beach.  And they both have fabulous beach huts.  Beach huts now, cost about as much as my house did 10 years ago, so I just look at them longingly.
My friend has a cushion with beach huts on, so I decided I could do one similiar as well, with a few adjustments:

I think it looks really summery.

I have also been making a ring bearers cushion for Zoe and Tim - the pictures are just about useless!  I have used a white silk and gold thread and chain stich to embroider the details on.  The bridesmaids dresses are the same blue as the ribbon.

I have started to sew on lots of little blue beads all around the edge as well - tedious job but it looks really nice: my eyes feel a little crossed now!

Hasn't the weather been fantastic this weekend, so unusual for it to be nice for the school holidays.  I am working the whole two weeks, so looking forward to the two bank holiday weekends we have coming up.

Thursday 7 April 2011

Next Project

This is my current project - i got the pattern from the moda bake shop.  I had some rather 70's material: moda charm packs, that I decided to use.

 The materials are a bit of a change from me, I decided to not go for the norm and I am glad that I did.  The squares come together really quickly and I have made little mini squares out of the cut offs, so no waste.

And these are Amy Butler soul blossoms charm pieces, there are lots of them, even though you can't see them all.  This was a mothers day present - which I knew I was getting, as I pointed Jenny to the right website!  So many ideas of what to make with these!

Wednesday 6 April 2011

An Award

Thank you to Annabella over at  Life's Rich Pattern , who has nominated me for the above award - very gratefully received.  If y.ou take a look at her blog she explains how Lily of Lilys Quilts, got us all looking at other blogs.  I really enjoyed mooching and reading and it was a great idea.
So, there are some obligations for this award:

1.  I need to thank and link back to the person who bestowed the award - which I have done above.  Please take some time to read Annabellas blog, she leads an interesting life and has some great ideas and fantastic photos.

2. I need to share 7 things about me, hope they're not boring:

 - I live in Essex.  I have been in this house for 10 years now.  Its the longest I have lived anywhere: I am from an Air Force family and we moved frequently

- I have a full motorbike licence, although sadly, at the moment, no motorbike!

- I LOVE rugby union: can not wait until the world cup later on this year

- My girls and I learnt to surf in Cornwall a couple of years ago, and whilst I am not brilliant, I can stand up and catch a wave. 

- I went to boarding school for five years - Enid Blyton obviously never did.

- Favourite films: Sleepless in Seattle, City of Angels and Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  I have lost count of how many times I have watched them.

- Last one: at school I hated sewing!

And I also need to nominate some other blogs: this is tricky because I only nominated some blogs a while ago, and whilst I would love to nominate them again, because they are all worth reading, I think I need to pick some others:

sewnbyleila - check out her dresden plates and she has a great diamond quilt tutorial

2 ellison lane quilts - another great blog with some fantastic ideas and photography

silly mama quilts - a really cheery blog - and someone else that is doing a wedding quilt: good luck!

So, have a look at these, they are all great reads.  And don't forget to leave comments on them, we all love receiving comments!

Saturday 2 April 2011


So, we have been to london today to see my cousin and her family.  You may remember back in January/early Feb, when I talked about the new addition Daniel - well here he is now:

It's amazing how much he has grown and how different he looks and behaves, all in the space of about 8 weeks.  He has a gorgeous smile and is kicking and punching the air all the time.

This is Jenny and Beccy, adoring him!

He was so good.  We went out for lunch and he slept as soon as he was put in his pram and woke again as soon as we got in.
Normally when we go in to london we catch the train-its two hours door to door.  We have to catch the train for 40 mins and then the tube for what seems like ages, and you come home feeling all grimy.  And, it cost £30 last time.  So today I drove in - wish I had done this before!  only took 90 mins and cost about £12 in petrol.  Will definately be doing that again.
Can't believe I didn't get any pictures of Daniels mum and dad - it was all about Daniel!!

Friday 1 April 2011

Lily's Quilts

Fresh Sewing Day @ Lily's Quilts

Lily's Quilts is doing a Fresh Sewing Day here:  lilysquilts
Lots of people are showing projects that they have completed this month, so I am going to show my cathedral windows (again) from this post: cathedral windows

There are some fabulous pictures on there and a giveaway for some lovely fabric.  I have never copied a link like the button above, it took some doing, and then I realised that I was being a techno phobe!
Not sure how much sewing I will get done this weekend, I have some more studying to do :-(   we are off in to london to see how little Daniel, and his parents, are doing, and then it is Mothers Day on Sunday!  Still, sounds like a good weekend to me.