Monday 16 April 2012

Nothing of mine

I have nothing of my own to show today, having just finished a 12 hour day at work :-(
(large glass of wine is calling me)
So I thought I would share what Beccy made for her 'bestie', for her birthday a few weeks ago

 she did a fabulous job, with very little help from me:  I only helped out with sewing the seams together at the end

Once I had shown her how to blanket stitch, she just got right on with it.  She saved herself a fortune too - I have seen similar cushions going for about £12!!


  1. That`s so sweet - besties are the best!

  2. Oh yay, for creative daughters! Fabulous present.

  3. what a lovely cushion and pressie!

  4. wonderful! I hope my daughters get the bug and keep it too, then I can look forward to lovely handmade presents!

  5. Good to see you've passed on those creative genes! Jxo

  6. So cute, well done to her...another one with the sewing bug?


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