Sunday 20 April 2014

Easter stitching

Happy Easter! It has been really nice to have a couple of days off work after a very hectic period.
I have managed to finish my first item off my FAL list already:

I have a lot of cushions in my house so I think this one will head off to my etsy shop

I am working on my 2nd finish. I got my hipbee quilt all basted

And I started hand quilting it last night, I much prefer hand quilting. I decided to follow the large off point squares made by the black

It has ended up giving it a great pattern of squares. The weather today isn't meant to be great so I will probably get more of this done. And maybe some more of these too

My newest project, log cabins made with 1.5" strips. Its going to take a while!
Enjoy your day

Thursday 10 April 2014


So, its time to link up with Katy and declare my Q2 FAL list. Hopefully it will be more successful than Q1

First up is my Hipbees quilt

I can't wait to finish this one

I also have these to finish

So, that's 5 things to finish-no biggy right?!

Monday 7 April 2014


You may remember that I had some fun making a few minis not so long ago.  Well, I have made some more.  This first one is my favourite

It measures 7.5" and uses lots of scraps. I found the pattern on Ritas (red pepper) blog.
I also finished off this 6" one

My little collection is starting to grow

I have made one more, but this one is for a swap.  Its 6"

I think what I like most about these is that they dont take long to do and you have a finished article. Although I think that (Willowbeck) Di's suggestion of one a week may be pushing it!

Saturday 5 April 2014

Must try harder

Way back in January I set out my FAL goals here. Can't say I was very successful...... I managed 1 out of 4

I finally managed to turn this

Into this

This poor project has been on my FAL list since the very beginning I think, I am so pleased to have finished it.

So, incomplete still are:
My Hipbee quilt

 This cushion top
And these EPPs

A pretty poor FAL. I really must do better next time!
Linking up with Katy