Monday 26 May 2014


Its very rare I go to car boot sales - the last time I went I got a great bargain with my rocking chair. This was today's amazing find

£15!! I did a double take as I strolled past and cursed for only having £20 in my purse. I didn't hesitate when he said how much it was. They sell for anywhere between £75-£150 on eBay.
The serial number tells me it was made in 1904. It seems to work, but even if it doesn't it is still beautiful to look at. I will keep you posted.
I have finished sewing my table runner, I need to find some backing and start quilting

And I think I have decided what to do with my scrumptious diamonds

All of this should keep me occupied for a while!

Sunday 11 May 2014

May so far

Its been a few weeks since I blogged and I haven't really done a huge amount of sewing. I have caught up on my Bee commitments:
Mays Hipbee block for Tanya (sorry about my feet!!)

 And Mays Bees Brit stingy block for Karen

So now I can get on and play with some fabric, the block idea came from Sew Mama Sew block of the month. I think I will make a table runner

I have been doing lots of walking, the weather has been amazing. Last week I walked just under 22km, best of all I am feeling so much better for it and its a great de-stress from work

 I have been taking my mums dog with me too