Tuesday 10 April 2012

2nd quarter

Time for the 2nd quarter of Rhondas FAL.  I had a 50% success rate last quarter, so would like to aim for 75% this time!

I'll start with this one as it is soooo nearly finished that it is a guaranteed finish!  This is a carry over from last quarter
 And another carry over, my mystery quilt.  I love this and am determined to get it finished.  I now have the binding and the wadding so there are no excuses!
 And two new ones: this giant star quilt, which I have a very soft fleecy backing for so no wadding required

And last but not least, my stained: I really want this one done for the summer

Looks like I might be busy then!!


  1. Great collection! I'm sure you'll manage, and think how happy you'll be to have all those quilts done!

  2. Oh Catherine you have to finish the Stained....It's fantastic. i love the blues

  3. There are some great looking projects there! Can't wait to see if you get them all finished =D

  4. Those are four wonderful quilts, I hope you finish them. I have two on my like that are on yours too, we seem to hang out with all the same good folks.

  5. Love your mug quilt! How adorable. I'm popping over from Rhonda's blog. =)

  6. Hello, I've just come over from Lily's Quilts. Lovely star quilt that you donated, and I also love your giant star!


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