Thursday 28 February 2013

Flying through February

Hmmmm, February.......

Well, I started off thinking that I hadn't done all that much.  But when I got my pictures together I amazed myself!!
I got my Hipbee quilt all sewn up, ready to decide what to do next: I love how the different colours  stand out

 Made more progress on the DWR quilt: about half way through machine stiching it down
 A bit further foward with my Siblings together quilt
 An actual finish with this quilt for my friend who is currently undergoing chemo: I backed this one with a snuggly fleece blanket and it turned out really well (all made from scraps(
 Did all my bee blocks (my bee blessed one is missing from here)
 And finally got this scarf/wrap finished-it has taken a very long time (don't think in months!) but I am so pleased with it.  It was such an easy pattern, I don't know why it took so long
Wow, so that was February.  Maybe all of the above explains why I need to have a serious weekend of housework ...... but that's no fun!

Linking up with Lynne (at least I will tomorrow, as I am posting this a bit early!)

Tuesday 26 February 2013

stars and hexies

I have been working away on my siblings together quilt: the colour in these photos isn't great:

All four star blocks are now completed and I am working on a scrappy border to go around each block
Can't wait until the sun comes out and I can take some proper photos.
 I also did a bit of hexie sorting: I have basted all the hexies that I won from  Hadley and am now adding more of my own stash. Very satisfying

And I can't believe I am back to doing this again

Studying for a work exam: I want this to be finished with now!

Saturday 23 February 2013

A few days away

The girls and I went away for a few days over half term.  It was nice and relaxing and the afternoons were spent like this:

My brother and his family live up near Lincoln (Trudi and I waved to each other virtually) and it was FREEZING.  He has a much bigger house than us and it takes a lot longer to warm up! So obviously drink was the answer!  Such a shame the weather got so cold after our lovely drive up there

We went to an embroidery exhibition - the first picture shows little boxes with scenes inside them: my pictures don't do them justice, they were about 4 x 7".  And also some embroidered boxes
So, nothing in the sewing line to show you: I got on with some knitting instead.  But I did get my hair cut and coloured just before we went away.  I had been growing it but it got to be such a mess.  I went to a new hairdresser and I think she did a fantastic job: there is nothing like a good haircut to make you feel better

Sunday 17 February 2013

A non FAL finish

Today has been a very relaxed day: much needed after the hectic working week. 
 If I had only listened to Helen I would have put this scarf/wrap on my FAL list, but it has taken me so long up to now (think years, not months) that I didn't think I would ever finish it

It measures 44" and is just in time for the cold spell we are being predicted :-(  I managed to sit on my back doorstep today and soak up some much needed vitamin D: we really don't want the cold to return

I have also managed to sew down 2 and half rows of my DWR quilt.  I am machine sewing as I realised I would be 90 before I finished it if I was hand stitching.  I put the little 5 pence piece in the right picture, so you could get an idea of scale

I did come across one error when I first started: see the extra blue green square - it should just have been the brown one

I knew that circle wasn't sitting right when I first pinned it all down but just couldn't see why: at least I have got it all sorted now!

Tuesday 12 February 2013

another change of mind

I have had another change of heart with background colours. I was going with the top star but decided the background wasn't doing the colours any justice

so I have chosen a dark blue - and once again, I am so pleased I had a change of heart. Now I need to crack on as this is going to be my Siblings Together quilt

This was my journey to work yesterday
Sat in stationary traffic forever,for no reason, while the traffic on the other side of the road was totally unaffected!!

Sunday 10 February 2013

I Bee done

My Hipbee quilt top is all done: and I love it

I picked charcoal and various purples: 4 purples in the middle and one each corner

I love the effect it gives and I am really pleased that i went with it: I really wasn't sure when I sent out my material
A Big big thank you to the Hipbee ladies who have sewn these blocks for me.
I did actually finish this yesterday, but I wasn't happy with it: I sewed it up in a rush and missed quite a few points:

Much, much happier with it today.  Now I need to decide on the next step.

Saturday 9 February 2013

More Bee'ing

Last weekend I wanted to finish four lots of bee blocks: I only got three done.  So today I completed the fourth - this is for Di, mama of the Hipbees

Gorgeous flying geese in Ruby - and you can just make out the bonus HST blocks that can be made at the same time

This has been my view today : I moved my little tv in to the kitchen so that I have been able to sew and watch the rugby

It has been a good move - I have spent the day putting together my Hipbee quilt
I had a few extra squares to sew and it is now so nearly alll sewn together - but I will save that for tomorrow, when, hopefully it won't be snowing (its forecast) and the light is much better

And finally, I came home to some very happy mail yesterday

Its very definitely real now!! Tonight I will sit down and try and get this scarf finished too (in real life its a lovely blue, green colour!)

Sunday 3 February 2013

A weekend of Bees

Yesterday I spent a fabulous day in London with Di: a fellow Hipbee and Bee a brit stingy bee. The weather was perfect for us too - blue skies, sunny and cold

We went to the V and A with a view to amble around.  We ended up in a jewellery exhibition: not just any jewellery - cartier diamonds, faberge creations, earrings from 400 BC..... it was serious bling.  There were enough diamonds, jades, sapphires etc there to wipe out world poverty several times.  It really was amazing
We spent to the rest of the day chatting over coffees, lunch, teas before heading home about 5ish.  Perfect. And look what Di made for me too

Today has been all about catching up on Bee commitments. I'm not behind, but there are a few extras to do.  I cut everything out before I started

I had six blocks to do for three different bees:

The first block is this months bee blessed block, followed by two blocks for Emily for the Bee a brit stingy group.  Both of these blocks were very similar.  Next was another project for Bee a brit stingy, but not my story to tell.......

So, I think 5 out of 6 isn't bad for the day (with housework, washing and shopping thrown in too)  The last block is Di's for Hipbees.  Its all cut out ready to go so it won't take long

Friday 1 February 2013

January finishes

I have a winner:

Well done to : Jan - you were number 8.  I have a bunch of scraps etc to send to you. 

And here we are at February 1st.  So, linking up to Lynnes fresh sewing day - discussing finishes.  Well the best for me was confirmation that I have finally finished my AAT exams, having passed the last one.  It was three and half years of home study and a hard slog, but sooooo worth it.  I can now put letters after my name!!!

But what about sewing......

I made a start on a Siblings together quilt

I finally finished piecing together my DWR quilt and am now sewing it on to some fabric.  Originally I was going to hand sew it down but a) I realised I might be 90 before it got finished and b) I tried out both and preferred it machine stiched

And one, actual finish, for a poorly friend

I need to catch up on some bee blocks and some other commitments this weekend.  I am off in to London tomorrow to catch up with Di, which I am really looking forward to.