Saturday 21 April 2012

Hello - my name is ....

My name tag has arrived today!!  Anybody remember seeing this during the week....

over at the amazing Lucys   charm about you (her pic was much better than this one).  Picture the scene: I had done some of my revision this morning and Beccy and I were now at the kitchen table tackling some algebra equations: both of us were losing the will to live and then Jenny dropped an envelope of the table: this could be my badge I thought.  I waited until we had gone over the last algebra question(thankfully we were near the end anyway and I showed great restraint) and then this

Look at the lovely bird sellotape!

 when opened I revealed this lovliness

 with a lovely hand written note on the back of this postcard 

 I am in awe of this amazing embroidery, and love the needle and thread

and look at the even smaller embroidery for my blog name

 And some gorgeous scraps too

 I do need to apologise to Lucy for having such a long name and then such a long blog name: I bet her hear sank when she saw my name on her email! 

Now that I have my name badge I am even more excited - it makes everything seem that much more real, and there are so many people I can't wait to meet: and to give Lucy a great big hug for making me something so fantabulous


  1. Oh you guys are going to have such fun.

  2. It`s fabulous in every way - lucky you!

  3. Yes I remember seeing this! You lucky duck! You can wear your badge with pride! Jxo

  4. I did see the sneak! It looks amazing! You got a great partner and package! (Don't worry about the name mine is 10 letters!) =D

  5. *sigh or relief* so glad you like it! Can't wait for the retreat and a big hug :)

  6. What a wonderful name tag! Lucky you.

  7. I love the details on this tag. The needle is precious!

  8. It is gorgeous, that Lucy is very clever and lovely, I know! :-)

  9. it's fab and the stitching is beautiful

  10. You'll will have some fun times wearing that tag! I will be watching from afar!


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