Saturday 14 April 2012

Messing around with a bucket

I made another bucket bag today:

 This one seemed to take so much longer than the other one that I made, mainly due to the binding, which I made wider this time (and wish I hadn't-it wasn't worth the fuss) and me messing around with said binding
 The inside is yet another charity shop find - some silky purple bed linen - this photo doesn't do it justice
 So now this may be my bag of choice for the retreat in June: altho I have no idea what I could wear to co-ordinate with it!
It looks great against a white background, so something white I guess

None of our horses did anything spectacular on the national today.  I made my annual visit to the betting shop and fought my way through the crowds: I did smile at the 'Britishness' of it all - all of us there for our annual bet!!


  1. love your bag, does it have to co-ordinate? Have fun using it xx

  2. Shame about the betting - you could have splashed out on a white hat to go with your white outfit to go with your gloriously lovely bucket bag!

  3. I love the fabric - what collection is it? It's perfect for your bag. Gorgeous!

  4. love the bag catherine - and very jealous you get to take it to summit!

  5. Beautiful bag! Real summer colours - would be nice with pale denims too I think, can see some blue in it.

  6. The binding does look a bit tricky, but you did a great job.

  7. Great bucket bag Catherine and can`t wait to see it in person!

  8. It's a great bag!
    I like the material You used! I think you could wear it with jeans too!


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