Saturday 31 March 2012

Bad Mother award

I have a 3 day weekend-woo hoo, boy do I need it.  Which means I only have a 3 day week next week and a four day week after that. Phew
Knowing that I have an extra day means that I didn't have to go mad with house work, studying etc all over 2 days, so I got down to some sewing

I have ordered a new dining room table (altho I don't have a dining room, so it will live in the kitchen!) which arrives on Wednesday, so I need a table runner for it.  I cut up the material with a completely different pattern in mind, which I didn;t like so went with this instead

For once I have been extremly careful with my seam allowances and it has really paid off

everything matches up perfectly!!  I hope to get this all sewn up tomorrow, so will hopefully have something to show on Monday
Tomorrow is Lilys fresh sewing day and having missed February and March I will definitely be posting on there tomorrow.
And I am nominating myself for the bad mother award of the week - on Monday I had to go to Clacton to do a presentation to a board of school governors.  There were due to be 20 of them and one of me.  Just after I had left home (about 5.30) I got a call from Jenny who was at work at Asda  'Mum, can you take me to A&E'.... I didn;t even ask her what was wrong, just ..'No, not really'
Now, if she had been screaming down the phone or I had had a co-presenter that evening,  I would have been there like a shot! But she was very calm and explained that she had run over her foot with a cage full of baked bean tins.  Her friend took her to casualty and I meet them there at about 9.45pm, just as she was seeing the doctor.  Nothing broken but soft tissue damage.  She was given crutches and has been in a lot of pain this week but seems to be on the mend today.  Sometimes its really hard to juggle everything and I have spent all week feeling very guilty!!
Please feel free to nominate yourself for said award and help me not to feel so guilty!!


  1. lol, I won that last week, my daughter caught scarlet fever because I had left my sore throat so long, 3 months off and on which was actually strep throat and children can catch SF from strep throat :O( what a bad mummy I felt like *sob*

  2. I could be awarded the bad daughter award - for rushing in on mothering Sunday - hastily writing the card and saying 'sorry not present'. Or if that's not bad mum collapsed once - a sort of faint but soon recovered - or appeared to so I went into work the next day and wasn't that bothered. I phoned her from work and got no answer so I began to panic so rushed home (missing an important meeting) and forced her to go to the doctors in case I was neglecting a more serious issue.

  3. There's nothing like a mother's guilt! I win that award all the time! My catchphrase is "Get a grip" whenever Jess has a moan so I'm not big on the sympathy ;)

  4. No working mum could condemn you C! We are constantly stuck between a rock and hard place! You got there - that's all that matters. Give yourself permission to NOT feel guilty! Jxo

  5. I constantly had that award when mine were growing up... nothing like a nurse for a mother to make them tough !! Worse one I think was when my daughter fell off her bike and c/o sore arm she went around for 2 days with a broken elbow!! WELL... I did feel a twige of guilt when they showed me the x-ray lol xx


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