Monday 9 April 2012

Jubilee name tag

We have had family down this weekend: my brother, his wife and their two children who are very close in age to my two, so we have had a great weekend.  I am now shattered!

The only sewing I have done is the name tag for my swap partner for the FQ retreat.  I was so thrilled to get the person that I have made for and I really hope she likes it

In celebration of it being Jubilee weekend, I went very patriotic.  I can't show any more of the name tag as it would be a complete giveaway.  I've had the idea in my head for a while, it was just translating it!
The swap rules did state that there should be a safety pin/brooch on the back but when I saw that Hadley had gone with a lanyard, I decided to shamelessy use her great idea!  (and she broke the rules first...)
There is another picture on there and their name and their blog.  Also, I loved the material so much that I made a souvenir pouch for the person too-Ireally admire this persons work so it was great to make something for them! It will hopefully go in the post tomorrow.
Next on my to do list is update my FAL for Rhonda!


  1. well done it looks like fun xx

  2. Your name badge looks brilliant! And I love your matching pouch, very 'this year!'

  3. You are not at all excited about June are you?

  4. That name tag looks great, I am hopeful that the lanyard idea is ok too, as I like it better than a pin.

  5. I didn't even read the bit about a pin/brooch back - oops!!

    Love what you have done though!


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