Monday 6 April 2015


A while ago the fabulous Sarah sent me loads of 1.5" strips for my log cabin quilt, which I also got my bee a Brit stingy to help with. Well, I finally sewed up enough blocks to finish it

And thanks to Sarah's generosity I still had lots of strips left over.  Waste not......

....a quilt for Siblings together. I am so glad I have done this. I made one two years ago and really didn't think I would get the time this year so I contributed some blocks. But hey, I have done a top. Now....just to find a backing
Siblings together have a target of 100 quilts and so far have 35. Can we spread the word and get some more made up? 

Sunday 5 April 2015

End of Q1

My Q1 of the FAL has been very successful but due to the lack of blogging about things I can only link one up!
So I started with 7 items on the list and have finished
Socks were completed

My 1" scrappy scissors 
 This cushion cover that had been lying around forever!
 My scrumptious star wall hanging

 And finally, another pair of socks

I have made so many other things as well. I really must sort out my technology and get back to blogging and reading blogs!

Monday 16 March 2015

Scrappy scissors

My time between blog posts seem to get longer. I have already finished a few things from my FAL list but haven't  managed to blog them yet.
However,  here is one of them:
I got my scrappy scissors all finished.  I used Katys pattern from Quilt Now and downsized.  The scraps are .5" finished and the whole thing finishes at 15 X 12
I used lots of bright scraps and just straight line quilted across. It's  already on my wall
Linking this up with Nicky and Leannes scraptastic Tuesday

Sunday 11 January 2015

2015 FAL

It seems crazy that we are in to a 4th year of the FAL!  Once again, I am listing an unachievable list, but I live in hope.....

First up, my scrappy scissors. I started this over the Christmas break using Katys pattern which I downscaled to 1.5" pieces

I won this lovely fabric in a giveaway from Simply solids. Its gorgeous fabric and I want to make a cot quilt for my cousin who is due (fairly soon!)

My scrappy log cabin block made by me and my bee a brit stingy mates. I did actually do some work on this yesterday.

The other sock to both of these. This should new done fairly soon as I have a week off soon.  I get bored very quickly so I like to have more than one sock on the go!
My scrumptious star.  Why have I not finished this yet!!

My cushion cover - something else so close to being finished!
Let's hope there's more than 3 months to this first quarter!!
Linking up with Adrianne

Saturday 3 January 2015

FAL Roundup

Time to review my list from last quarter......    Hmmm, not brilliant, I really thought that I had done better! 

Lets start with the successes:

1   My Orphan block got completed and sent to Helen for her sewing room wall 

2   These two socks got their twin and were gifted to my cousin and her husband

3  Table runner complete and sitting in my conservatory waiting patiently for me to put it on Etsy! (not sure that I ever blogged about this finish, so hoping this will count)

Didn't finish these :-( 

 It wasn't all no sewing though, these are what I made that weren't on my list:

 So, maybe next quarter I should finish what I started before I go on to something else!

 Linking up with Katy for the last time: thanks for all your hard work Katy