Sunday 20 October 2013

Getting things done

Having worked a 53 hour week last week(very, very tired!) I decided I was going to do nothing strenuous this weekend - just lots of sewing.  So, I have my first FAL finish - a Christmas tree skirt

You may (or may not) remember that I did a tutorial for a summer tablecloth for Abakhan fabrics and Lynne back in the summer: this is the same tutorial but just made Christmassy.  It is now listed in my Etsy Shop.

This fabulous book arrived this week too, and seeing as I was in Christmas mode, I made my first block from the book and turned that in to something Christmassy too

 The block is a bit wonky, due to me not taking enough care (it's called rushing) and not really having enough fabric.  But hey, it's just going to be a little Christmas wallhanging for me, so I don't mind.
The book is seriously amazing, but I think most of you have it already if Instagram is anything to go by!

I have started to quilt my DWR too having finally decided how to finish it off : the HST's around the edge came from my Bee a Brit stingy friends, they were the orphan blocks from my Pineapple quilt, and I think they look perfect here (excuse my pj's!)

 And finally these are my winnings from the IG competition that The fabulous Brenda, at Pink Castle fabrics sent to me.  The picture is rubbish, because those yellows are so much more vibrant

Saturday 12 October 2013

Final FAL Quarter

Seriously, how on earth are we in the last quarter of this year??

Seeing as the weather is drawing in and we are being predicted the worst winter EVER (?!?) I am going to do an ambitious list, lots of evenings at home sewing....

Last quarters FAL to carry forward:

my scrap 'dog' quilt, my DWR and my orphan blocks from Bee a Brit Stingy

I need to put this baby quilt on the list too (pattern from quilters cache) - my work colleagues' daughter is having a baby at the end of December and she has asked me to make a baby quilt

I have two Christmas projects to finish, which I hope will be destined for my little shop

I need another sock: I have finished on and am halfway through the other

I need to turn this in to something

And finally (this is such a dreadful picture), my ferris wheel to finish

 So, here's hoping the weather men are right and we are due lots of snow days!
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Sunday 6 October 2013

FA(i)L round up

So, a long time ago, I listed my FAL 3rd quarter hopefuls (over here)

I think it's fair to say that I failed quite spectacularly finishing only one out of five!

I finished my Bee a brit stingy quilt.  You may have already heard me say how much I love this quilt and out of all my hopefuls this is the one I really wanted to finish - the blog post is HERE

These are the one's I didn't complete:

There are some amazing finishes over at Leannes', well worth looking at.  Also, a big thank you to the sponsors that have kindly contributed : you can see all of them in Leanne's post here.
Let's hope that the final quarter is more productive for me!

Tuesday 1 October 2013


So, it's October.  For me that is the start of many family birthdays and then Christmas!  Time is running away....

September was amazingly productive for me: I finished two quilts.  This one for Jenny, which I started and finished in about 3 weeks - all ready for her new home

And my Bee a Brit Stingy quilt, which I love, love, love 

 I made some things for my Etsy shop

And I finished my first ever sock - I have one toasty foot and one foot that's waiting

I put this picture on facebook last night and a work colleague asked if my house looked like Kirsty Allsops as she could see a home made cushion and a home made quilt.  I soon put her house is waaaay more home made than Kirstys :-)

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