Friday 23 August 2013

Time wasters

It seems like an age since I was here.  These little fur balls seem to take up huge chunks of my time!

They are still definitely moving out in 2 weeks - just as well as they are so active now and really starting to get my asthma :-(

We have had GSCE results this week

Beccy did really well. We decided to have a day in London to chill and celebrate on today

The weather was amazing. We did go to the V&A to see the 80's fashion exhibition they had on: we were both very disappointed, not at all what we were expecting, but it didn't detract from our day.

I have managed to get my September (yes, September) stingy bee blocks done for Karen - hope they are OK! 

And I may have started a new quilt too

This one is for Jenny for when she moves out in 2 weeks, so I need to get a move on!

Monday 12 August 2013

Two new additions

Beccy and I have just returned from some R&R up at my dads and stepmums.  They live in a fabulous location:
Whilst there both my dad and step mum had a separate button clear out for me (I have come home with a zillion buttons)
These buttons and the tin were my granny's and there are buttons in here that belonged to her mum.

My dad also has an amazing train set. He and my step mum spend a LOT of time with this in the winter.

Some-one also had their first driving lesson and is now desperate for the real thing

I have come home nice and rested. Just as well, as we have some (temporary) new members of the household.

These little kittens are only 3 weeks old and have to be syringe feed. Someone didn't want them and threw them in a bin. Jenny is now working as an apprentice veterinary nurse at our local vets and has taken them on. She moves out soon and the kittens will be going with her. These two are major time wasters, we have spent a lot of time playing and just watching! I guarantee there will be more pictures!

Tuesday 6 August 2013

A decision at last

After a lot of umm'ing and aagh'ing I have decided to try an Etsy shop.
I don't want to dominate the Etsy world (ha ha, as if), but I need a purpose for random blocks that I make, because I like the pattern or just wanted to sew

I finally have more time to sew, to turn blocks into cushions or table runners. I have so many of these that I find it hard to justify making more, just because I can, so this can be a great excuse for more sewing!
 I now have a few weeks off work-I will make up some more random blocks and in turn, turn them in to something. When I have a few, I will 'officially' open and see where I go from there.

Monday 5 August 2013


In the three weeks since the FQR I seem to have done a minimal amount of sewing-I think this has been due to the heat and a certain amount of gallivanting!
Last week though, I managed to turn a block from Lynne's precision piecing class in to this cushion:

And, because it's now August, I have started on a bit of Christmas sewing!!

 I am very aware of all that I listed in my Q3 FAL list - and that I haven't started any of it yet!!
But we I have been doing plenty of this with my brother and his family this weekend (Beccy does have some shorts on under her jumper!)