Wednesday, 24 August 2011

off to sunnier climes

Tomorrow we leave for a week in Turkey (I'm not worried about announcing that my house will be empty because my mum is house sitting :-) )  I can not wait to sit in the sun for a week and read my books.

So in preperation for being away for a week and missing a couple of the across the sea QAL I did this today:

I only did this one to check my background colour was what I wanted.  As you can see I completely changed my mind about the colour.... and I didn;t buy any either.  I had a brainstorm and remembered a quilt I havn't finished and this was the backing.  So, once I was happy with the colour I went on to do this:

All my crosses are there with their background all cut out, so I will be ready to go as soon as I get back.
I also noticed that we needed to do a scant 1/4" seam.  I researched this and there were varying definitions.  I used the one where the material is just lined up with the feed dogs on the machine and this has worked perfectly on the square.
I will be taking my hexies away with me, although not sure how much I will get done as I am not allowed to sew by the pool (teenagers rules apparantley!!)
Looking forward to seeing what everyone has got up to when I get back, especially with the QAL


  1. The green looks great! Just finished cutting mine all out - phew! Have a well deserved break in Turkey! Jxo

  2. Have a lovely time. I've not started pulling fabrics yet but it does appeal to me doing it on a non white background.

  3. Have a wonderful week away Catherine - relax and enjoy the sun and pool. Your block looks great with the green...I'm going white on the front and pale purple on the back (lavender or lilac - can't remember) - that's if the silver bird does its work!

  4. Love the green! Your quilt is going to be lovely!


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