Saturday 6 August 2011

Catching up

I am finally catching up on the mystery quilt.  I made the next two blocks:

I also made some amendments: remember this block

well, it was bugging me because it wasnt in keeping with the other blocks, so it has become this:

which I like way much better.  I also tweaked another block - i think it was the two blocks that had no white in them, and they just didn't look right.  i forgot to take a before picture of it, but its the bottom right hand corner block, I have swapped the outside corners to white, from yellow and I like that one much better as well.

I havnt tried the plaiting yet, I will do it but i want to see what fabric I have left - not sure if we have any more blocks to do (I Hope so!)  I have sewn two of the blocks together - in the right hand bottom corner.  The random bit of orange on there is what I will use as my fill in material, but again I want to see what blocks there are left to do.

And this was lunch

A vanilla slice, my fave ;-).  It's only 2.30 so I have time for more sewing, but first I need to squeeze in a bit of house work.  And it appears old habits are hard to break: I was downstairs at the kitchen table at 6.45 this morning, working on my next module!! (boy do i need that holiday in Turkey!)


  1. Wow! Dedicated or what! Your blocks are looking stunning together - wonderful colourway! Jxo

  2. These blocks are gorgeous as are the colours I agree with Judith! I too love vanilla slices!

  3. Your blocks are great Catherine - as you know by now, yes, there are a few left still to do.........


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