Friday 2 September 2011

Home, sweet home

So we are back from our fantastic holiday in Turkey.  The weather was amazingly hot and the complex was fantastic.  I feel well rested (if you take the journey home out of the equation!)

 I have done 3 lots of washing and ironing, in fact I believe that we are very lucky with the weather as it has been terrible here.  I did sit in the garden this afternoon with the newspaper, but it just wasnt the same!

I read 6 books whilst away: I love reading and to sit by the pool and just read is the perfect holiday.
I have caught up with a few blogs and QALs etc - looks like I have a lot of work to do to catch up on everything!! Better catch up over the weekend, as it is back to work on Monday :-(


  1. Looks wonderful - all that blue!! And I'm still behind you in the Across the Seas QAL! Jxo

  2. Wonderful looking holiday. Glad you rested up.


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