Monday 22 August 2011

Trying to keep up

   I am going away for a week, on Thursday.  I was worried about falling behind on the 
Across the sea QAL, so I decided to crack on

I would love to be able to take pictures that showed the actual colours in fabric

I had originally only intended to do the baby size quilt, but as my crosses grew I decided I had no need for a baby quilt and I wanted this one big, so I kept on cutting. 

I have now cut out all the material, for the front only.  I havn't started on the background fabric, mainly because I am still undecided on that.  I also havn't done the extra bits for the back of the quilt or the scrappy border: these I will do another time (!)

I have had a manic day of tidying - mainly my consevatory which is my sewing room.  I got all my fabrics out at the beginning of the hols and did not put any away: until today.  It is now very very neat.  I need a sit down now and a nice glass of something!


  1. You go to the top of the class then! I thought me and fabric had best not come together while I had a rotary cutter in my hand the way my day was going! Maybe tomorrow. If I feel I am safe to be let out. Love the fabrics you are using.

  2. Catherine - you will get a much better shot of the colours if you don`t use artificial light so as much as possible and weather permitting, take the photo out on the lawn or your decking (I think you have decking)...that should help! Well done for cracking ahead - I hope to do the cutting tomorrow after posting my fabric on flikr.

  3. Wow you were certainly in the cutting groove! The crosses look fab! Jxo


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