Thursday 4 August 2011

This time tomorrow.....

....... it will all be over.  I am so fed up with revision!  On top of that I keep reading that this is the hardest exam and most people do about 2 re-takes :-(  Please don't let that be me.   I got to the point where I was just going round in circles and making silly errors and then confusing myself, so gave up at about 3pm today.

I have no sewing to show, so here is the first square from my log cabin knitting:

The picture makes the colours look like dishwater, they are in fact cream, deep purple and a deep pink and in real life actually look lovely.  I finished this square last weekend.  Only another 19 to go: actually they knit up really quickly so its not so bad.

This time tomorrow, my revision will be over.  The results take 6 weeks, and during that time I will start on the next module (aagh!) but this weekend is all about catching up on the sewing, so hopefully I will have lots of pics to show.


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