Sunday 21 August 2011

A finish

Seems like a while since I have finished a quilt.  Anyway, this one is a joint effort.  Beccy sewed the squares a while ago and I have finished it off

freshly out of the washing machine

This was also my first attempt at FMQ - it took a LOT of patience, but it was worth it, Beccy loves it.

We are all shattered today.  Last night was the Southend carnival.  It is an illuminated parade that set off at 7.45 pm

It was a long day as we were down at the hairdressers at 9am!  we had the queens tea at 4pm and then an open top bus took the courts through Southend to the start of the carnival - how much did they love that!!

The parade finished around 10ish and we got home about 12.30!!  I have never seen somany people.  I thought there were a lot last weekend, but it was nothing compared to last night!

So today is a day of doing not a lot.  i have homemade tomato soup for lunch, made with home grown tomatoes and an afternoon of leisurely sewing ahead of me!


  1. Congratulations on the finish, and to the queen...enjoy your yummy soup. I think you have earned it!

  2. Well done on a beautiful, sunny quilt! Jxo

  3. Love the finished quilt. This carnival queen business is serious! Remind me to discourage the girls when their age is right. ;-)

  4. Quilt looks totally lovely, well done on tackling FMQ, I've still not gathered the nerve to do it on a big piece!


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