Wednesday 17 August 2011


This afternoon I have been FMQ'ing - and tearing my hair out, using colourful language, throwing a strop........ but I think I am getting there.

Now, I know that all the tutorials out there say don't start on a big quilt....well, I had a biggish quilt to do, but only strips of it

I think for a first attempt its ok

This is the back, the red looks great against the yellow

This is a string quilt that Beccy made with a load of scraps when I was doing mine.  She worked like a woman possesed on the sewing machine, and then once all her blocks were done it got left!

Remember all the frustating bits? This is all of my unpicking from today :-)

this is a large ice cream tub - there are about 2 reels of thread in here!

I had times when the tension went completely wrong, for no apparant reason, resulting in lots of unpicking and my thread kept snapping.  But the more I did it the more I realised why theses mistakes were happening.  I just walked away and then came back again later.  My back and my neck are killing me - call this a fun, relaxing hobby!
I havn't finished yet, still about half to go, but I have run out of thread!

Back to work tomorrow and friday, but only for 4 hours each day, I can cope with that: and then another two weeks off!

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  1. Oh, your loops are lovely and even. Well done you! I think persevering is the most important thing because suddenly things click into place and after that these will be no stopping you.


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