Sunday 7 August 2011

Chickens and a bag

Another busy day for me, starting out with re-sealing the bath.  Horrid job, which meant that I had to take the old sealant off first.  It had got mouldy around the shower and tap end which is why I wan't to get rid of it.  boy, it was hard work getting the old stuff off!
Then sorted out my kitchen, did some gardening and a little bit of work on the new module.
Then, I got down to my sewing :-)

I read on  Judiths blog about her charity bee, which is a fantastic idea.  It got me thinking that I hadn't done anything recently with the material that the hospice ladies had given me.  Its all curtain samples, so not the think stuff we are used to and therefore I am limited in what to do with it.  After staring long and hard at it I came up with this:


Everybody needs a bag, so hopefully it will sell.  I plan to make more, as it was so easy.  I kind of copied a bag that I already have, that I use all the time and am pleased with how it worked out

Then I remembered this tutorial that I saw a while ago:  chicken pin cushionsMy sister in law makes these and had made me one a while ago, so I worked from hers and the tutorial to make these:


I stuffed them with toy stuffing loosely and then added some rice at the bottom for weight.  I use the one Ellen gave me to hold my pages down in my books when I am working at the kitchen table.

And then lastly this:

This is lovely sort of satiny material, but horrid to work with as it frays really easy.  I have been toying with the idea of making some little lap quilts with the satiny stuff, maybe for use in the hospice rather than to sell.  Thinking about that one.... Hopefully these will all sell well, and make money for the hospice. 
So,  a productive day. Tonight I will be having a bath (carefully as the sealant needs 24 hrs to dry!) and then I have Revolutionary Road to watch. 


  1. Oh Revolutionary Road is terribly sad - it`s not a feel good movie but a great film!

    I really like the bag and all your goodies are sure to sell - what great work for the day. Now go relax!

  2. What a productive day, well done you! I have yet to pick up a needle.........

  3. Yes a sad movie - have your tissues to hand! Great makes - glad to have inspired you. I'm sure you'll sell lots and hopefully raise lots of money too! Jxo


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