Sunday 14 August 2011

where did the week go!

Its  been a week since I last blogged.  I have tried to keep up with other blogs but last week I was rather tied up - all because of this little fellow:

This is Daniel, who is now 6 months old!  He is the smiliest, happiest little person I know.  I went in to london to pick him and his mum, Alison (my cousin) up last monday.  We drove through Hackney about 2 hours ahead of all the looting and chaos: very lucky.

Alison was so generous with Daniel, we had unlimited cuddles and play: he was never on his own!  The girls fell in love with him too and their were 'disscussions' concerning whose turn it was to do what! 

 I made this for him while he was here ( his dad loves it!)  I also made him a scrunchy toy: basically a crisp packet between two pieces of material - he loved it!

We took them back to London on Thursday - and I cried my eyes out!  I didn't want either of them to leave and had a mini breakdown at Alisons.  Then I had a 90 min drive home, still all teary!

I just wanted to go to bed when I got back but it was flower club, so off I went. And I won a display in the raffle!  Unfortunately, I had walked down, so could only pick a small display:

This was actually two displays and i chose the smaller of the two, to make it easier to carry home!

I have sewn a few more of these:

I have also cut out what I need for another 6 bags, so that should keep me busy.  I also made a couple more chickens.

Yesterday we had the Clacton carnival.  It started at 6pm and was about a 2mile procession: the crowds were amazing.  Clacton is a seaside resort so I imagine there were lots of visitors.  There were people on their balconies waving, in their gardens, sitting on the green, on the pier - just loads of people.

The girls had to hitch a ride - again - on another court float. (long story!!) but they had such a great time.  The weather was fantastic.  I can't remember the last time we went to Clacton.  Its a classic seaside resort: pier, arcades etc, but its also very smart.  We got home about 10.30.  Next weekend we have Southends carnival, which is another evening one and I am told is huge, so looking forward to that. 

 I have got myself immersed in to FMQ today.  I watched some tutorials on you tube : my fav being the one where the lady say you should relax and then pours herself a large glass of red wine: my kind of sewing :-)  So, after much practising this is what I came up with:

I really enjoyed doing this: it's not great and I need lots of practise, but I am pleased for a first try. 

I have also started quilting Beccys string quilt, will show that when its done, and also picked up some embroidery that I started a while back.  And obviously, I have also been working on my next module, which I have now completed, so just need lots of revision!

Sorry this is such a long rambling post.  I will try and keep up this week!  We are going to Lakeside on Tuesday (HATE that place!) and working two half days in the office, so not that busy!

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  1. Daniel is so gorgeous he is almost edible - a wonderful wonder you were sad to leave. FMQ looks great! Don`t you need a rest?


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