Friday 19 August 2011

limited choices

having told myself very firmly that I am not allowed to buy anymore fabric for a while, I then signed up for the across the sea modern quilt along.

So now I am restricted to the fabric that I have.  This isn't a problem, as I have fat quarters waiting to be used and along with some other scraps I think I will have enough.

My dilemma is background fabric.  do I go with the white (a kingsive duvet cover from the charity shop)

Do I go with the old double sheet: a kind of light rust colour-not normally my colour, but you never know

Or go with the old curtain, a light purple

Hmmm, these pics were taken with my phone and the purple looks the same as the white!

I am thinking that the white is too pale, so its between the rust and the purple.  I feel that I should go with the rust as it is a colour I would not normally use.  I will try and get a feel over the weekend.
I will be behind on this quilt along before it even starts as we are off on holiday towards the end next week! And I still need to sort through some of my scraps to decide what other fabrics to use.


  1. Rust isn't my thing either - but saying that, I actually think it sets off your fabrics the best. It makes the prints really stand out which they don't so much on the paler backgrounds.

    I will be behind on the qal too as we are away for a week from next Friday. You and I will play catchup together.

  2. I'm with the rust as well - the fabrics stand out rather than blend!

  3. I quite like the light purple!


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