Thursday, 23 June 2011


I have been waiting (impatiently) all evening to get on Jennys laptop so I could blog with a photo:

Look what I received today:

My pay it forward gifts from the lovely Sheila.  They came beautifully wrapped up in this pink tissue paper too and after a really hard day at work, it was so lovely to open this up.

Look how neat and symmetrical everything is!

I love this and it will sit on my table in the front room: I just love the colours, the design and the quilting

And these came along too: a lovely book 'The Country Quilters Companion' with great pictures and designs in, some fab buttons and a Scottish Tablet - which, let me tell you, is delicious.  The girls and I just had to test some: it is lovely, just like eating solid condensed milk....yummy!
So, thank you Sheila, for your kindness, for choosing colours that I love, for the lovely scottish postcard and for wrapping it all up so beautifully.
Arn't quilters just the nicest people :-)

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  1. Your lovely comments are what it is all about - it really was a pleasure doing this.


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