Monday 20 June 2011

Caught up

I have finally caught up with the mystery quilt along and completed the last block, which is actually two blocks:

I ran out of my dotty fabric, which I knew I would, so moved on to the next stash.  Which I also love!

So, I have moved from dots to bubbles.  I think the orange is my favourite.

With this block I went for triangles  within triangles, ie the red triangles are on the point of a triangle, and the green also .

And here they are altogether. I would never have normally chosen these colours for anything, but I really do like their zestyness!


  1. I love the way changing the colour balance in the block changes the look of the block soooooo much. They are looking great all together as well.

  2. These are wonderful! Zesty is a good word for them.


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