Tuesday 28 June 2011

In need of cheerfulness

it seems like forever since i have done any sewing!  Saturday was taken up with the carnival, Sunday was spent trying to catch up on my neglected studying and last night I spent the evening in A&E with Jennys friend.  I picked Jen up from her weekend away (biology field trip) and she showed me her friends ankle which had been hurt over the weekend.  Her friend only goes home at weekends - she is at this school on a sports scholarship thingy, so spends the weeks in a 'boarding house'.  Jen was really worried about Sian and Sian was in a lot of pain - so we took a trip to A&E.  Sians ankle was so swollen she couldnt feel her toes!  Luckily we only had about a 2 and half hour visit (!!!) and nothing was broken.
Anyway today I had these delivered:

Sians mum sent them to me, which was a lovely gesture.  I didn;t mind taking her: I would like to think someone would do the same for me if the tables were turned.

I got home from work relatively early today, so was able to do some studying, which meant the evening was clear to sew.  But, I didn't want to do anything I was already working on, and I was feeling down, so wanted something to cheer me up: bright colours:  so here is my work in progress:

I was kind of inspired by Jen, she loves these kind of flowers/patterns.  the middle flower template I got from an old quilting magazine and the others came off the net.

I went for big, unsubtle zig zag stich cos I wanted it to be bold.  They are not the easiest of patterns to zig zag around.

Anyway, I am on my way to what I wanted: something cheerful and bright.  Just a couple more flowers and lots of zig zagging and I will be done

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  1. Oh, I love that. Might have to copy you some time (when I have the time). And you are right, it is very cheerful.


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