Friday, 24 June 2011

Back in business

At last - I have a new laptop:

One that will let me download pictures, print things off my printer ie my USB's work!  And I can leave comments on other peoples blogs etc.  Luckily I thought my other computer was on its way out, so transferred most of my stuff on to the external hard drive, so it is all accessible!
So, looking forward to browsing over the weekend - and leaving comments.
We have the carnival tomorrow- here is a picture out of this evenings paper:

showing the committee along with myself and the princesses mum.  And the accompanying article:

Oh please, please don't let it be raining!  The forecast is for rain to clear up about 10am, with the rest of the day being fine.  Apart from me getting wet, I would be so dissapointed for the girls if it were raining and no one came to watch - so positive thoughts!


  1. New computer. Woohoo! Hope the parade is all in sunshine.

  2. Sa Ha! That`s what they say in Morocco when you have soemthing new. It means `to your good health` or something. Enjoy your parade!


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