Friday, 10 June 2011

Back in the saddle

This week has been a long one!  And even worse, I have had no desire to sew: well, I have wanted to sew but couldn't find the energy to do it (how pathetic does that sound!!)  I have been perusing blogs and leaving comments (using Jennys computer, not mine!) but just not mustering up anything on my machine.  Even when my new needles turned up I just couldn't be bothered.

Anyway, this evening I got back in the saddle and reacquainted myself with my machine

And I made this lovely make up bag.  I read Sheilas zip fear post a few days ago and remembered that she had put some links up so I tried flossie teacakes tutorial, with covered zip ends and it was really easy to follow

You cant see my covered zip ends, but they do look good, honest!  I have made a few zippered bags before:

And each have their own merits.  These two sit in my handbag holding lipsticks, inhalers, work passes, tissues etc etc and mean that I am not rooting around my handbag looking for stuff.

And Jenny uses this one as a pencil case - it is bigger than the others.
So, maybe I am ready now to get on with block 3 of the mystery QAL, just in time for block 4, and all the other bits and pieces I want to get on with.  Although it is a busy weekend.  Tomorrow I am helping out at Tesco, bag packing for donations to the Tiptree Carnival, of which Beccy has been picked as Carnival Queen!  Then Sunday is Bugsy Malone dress rehersal for the girls.  They belong to our local Am Dram society, which is for Kids only.  They put on some amazing shows and next weekend is Bugsy.  I am volunteering my services on Sunday to make any costume alterations (gulp...)

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  1. Costume alterations - oh good luck! I am pathetic at stuff like that!


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