Monday 6 June 2011

Nothing new to show

I went away for a week and did no machine quilting.  But - I can't do nothing for a whole week, so I sewed some more of these.  I only have one more left to do, then I can start picking out some scrappy sashing to go between the blocks.  I think I have about 16 or 20 of these blocks

It wasn't planned that there would be nothing new to show.  Yesterday, I decided that before I tackeld any sewing I HAD to tackle my conservatory (aka sewing room).  So I did that and I finally got round to hemming one of the blinds in there: and my needle broke in my machine!!!  Catastrophe, as I have no spare needles.  Anyway, the lovely people at Amazon are on the case, so hope to be back on the sewing machine soon.

On top of that, my computer is slowing dying.  I have 4 usb points.  Two of them gave up a while ago.  Now the other two have gone.  Now if I have a blog that I want pictures on I need to use Jennys laptop - which unfortunately seems to be permanantly attached to her!

Also..... how come every time i want to leave a comment on other blogs, I can;t sign in with my google account.  It's really frustrating.  I can use my name and url instead, but there is no picture attached to that and some blogs will only accept a google account.  So, sorry to those who I have left a comment with recently, only to have to abandon it because I can't leave a comment!!

I think I need chocolate and bed :-)


  1. Some days chocolate is the ONLY answer. Hope you had some good stuff on hand!

  2. Sorry you have had a frustrating day...believe me, I know how you feel. Susan is right - chocolate is the only answer. Did you applique the mugs - they look great!


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