Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stitched Sunday

I saw this over on Hugs n kisses : Helen is going to teach us to do lovely stitch working. 
Each sunday she will post a new stitch, tip or tutorial.

I think this is a fantastic idea - I enjoy needlework.  I have had a go a crewel stitching and stitched a fushia on silk, which I loved (can't show you a pick cos of my usb failure!) and I have done cross stitches etc.  But take a look through Helens blog and take a look at her stitching - lovely!

This evening we have had a trip to the hairdressers with these 3 gorgeous girls:

Beccy is Tiptree's carnival queen this year, along with the two princesses: Molly and Alice.  The hairdressers: Take Two in Kelvedon, is doing their hair for free for the carnival - and all the other local carnivals that they are involved in: how amazing is that!  So, we went down this evening, so they could see what to do with their hair.  The carnival is on Saturday, so keep everything crossed for good weather!

And here are two pics from the Bugsy Malone performances on Saturday night:
the whole cast (Beccy is a show girl and Jenny - 1st person, back row on the left, was Blousey)

And then some very splurged show girls on their curtain call on the last night:

Oh boy, did they have fun.....!

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  1. The show looks great. And here's hoping the sun shines down on your carnival.


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