Monday 13 June 2011

Weekend, what weekend?

I have no idea what happened to the weekend!  On friday I got home and went out driving with Jenny, who has her test very, very soon.  By the time we got home, had tea etc, I was desperate to get to bed.

Saturday was bag packing at tescos for 3 hours.  There were nine of us, all raising funds for the Carnival fund.  Beccy was choosen as Carnival Queen last week, so I was helping her with the bags.  It was actually great fun, lots of chatting and a great opportunity to see what was on offer.  I did have to go and buy the new orange aero

It was on offer and everyone was buying them: I just HAD to have one!  We raised £250 to the carnival fund which was amazing, everyone was so generous.
Sunday was spent from 12 - 6 down at the school hall for the Bugsy Malone dress rehersals, where I was doing costume alterations.  I spent the whole 6 hours sewing or sorting through costumes and really enjoyed it.  Thankfully I had the forsight to cook tea (chicken pie) before I left in the morning, so just chucked it in the oven when I got in.  Not often I am that domesticated.

I did also do some more of my stained glass windows:
(here's one I made earlier, can't show you the others cos my usb ports don't work and Jenny is using her 'puter!)

The squares are now all sewn and I am putting black sashing between the squares, its starting to look great - pics to follow.

It was good to get to work today for a rest!!

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  1. Look forward to seeing more of your stained glass windows...slooks like you have earned your Aero. Enjoy!


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