Thursday, 29 September 2011

Waiting patiently

When I left home this morning, just before 7am it was foggy.  By the time I got to the school I was visiting, about 8am, it was still foggy.  I have been inside all day: when I walked out this afternoon it was gorgeous.  When i got in my car the digital thermometer initially read 42 degrees, although it quickly settled at 27 degrees. And I have been inside all day :-(


Sarah-can't get a copy of the pic she posted, so here is the mug rug

Both my goodie swap partners have received their packages now.  I got to make for the lovely sarah at narcolepticinacupboard, who I was already following and whose blog I really enjoy reading and for Steph at stephiestories.  I am beyond thrilled that both of them liked their parcels: it makes all those worries worthwhile, and on top of that, I have a new bloggy friend in Steph, as I didn;t know of her blog beforehand.
I can't wait to see who has been making for me, and match up their comments and pics in flickr, so postie, hurry up!

I treated myself to this yesterday

 There are some fabulous embroidery patterns in here

Can't wait to start having a go: I have some ideas already

Tonight I want to try and get the binding on my across the sea quilt and then spend the weekend finishing it all off
Hope the weather is just as fantastic where you all are


  1. Lovely embroidery ideas there - especially the Russian dolls. Great buy! And of course your partners liked what you sent them because it was all lovely!!

  2. Great buy - would love to try embroidery some day. I hope to get my binding on tomorrow and start using the thing!

  3. That book looks fantastic!! I will maybe purchase too. I am a hand quilter too!


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