Friday 30 September 2011

Its a wrap...

.... well actually its a rather large quilt but it is all finished!  From this:

To this: freshly out of the washing machine, so slightly damp!

I know I cheated on the back of the quilt, but I just didn't have the time to do otherwise: and I did stay with the theme of crosses!

I used a very similar colour binding and hand quilted each cross

I also put a cross through each cross

I am loving this quilt

It is the first QAL that I have done, and although there were times when I never thought I would get it done (and when I came back from a weeks hols and everyone was streets ahead of me) I am so glad that I joined in
I would also like to repeat what Hadley said in her blog: the QAL was put together brilliantly by Sarah and Jennifer, and there are a great bunch of people who have participated and commented over at flickr.  I don't think that I have ever done a quilt so quickly, normally I pick them up, put them down etc over a period of months, so this is a novelty for me!
And lastly, how lovely was the weather today.  i got home from work before 5o'clock today, so sat out the front, on my bench in the sun and read my book. Bliss


  1. Your quilt looks fantastic. Love the green and love that huge cross!

  2. love the green, it looks so good! great contrast! i need to get moving on mine, lol.

  3. Fab quilt - that back reminds me of looking for pharmacies on holiday! And yes, the weather is fab fab fab. I have shaved my legs this morning and dragged the shorts back out of hibernation! Too much information probably, sorry.


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