Saturday 3 September 2011

Back in the swing of things

I seem to be so behind on everything, that I decided today had to be dedicated to the Goodie swap  I know that once I get back to work on Monday, my days will dissapear so quickly and this swap and a non-negotiable deadline!!

 So, this dish is the 'goodie' that I made for partner 1.  It is so scary doing a swap!  I have never done one before.  I am so thrilled that there are two people out there who are making things for me.  But I didnt realise how scary it is to make something for someone else. Its easy when you make stuff for yourself: you know you like it!!
Here is the mug rug I have made.  It looks tiny but measures 9x7.  Those little squares were cut at 1.5", so only 1" when sewn.  Man, I hope my partner likes it!! I hand quilted through the white square in an aqua blue.

I am not really in to batiks, but have to grudginly admit that when they are sewn together they do look really nice. Luckily I have loads of this fabric left over!
Now I need to do some further stalking of partner 2.....

Also, you need to know that Judith at Rags to bags is having a giveaway, some 'gawjus' fabric.  Head on over and have a look - you never know....


  1. Well done Catherine - I know what you mean about swapping, quite stressful not being sure if you are heading in the right direction, it's very exciting at the end tho, waiting for the postie.

  2. Catherine - I received my package today! I absolutely love everything. It is so beautiful and the colors and fabrics are amazing! I posted a lengthy thank you on my blog....
    Thank you a million times, thank you!


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