Tuesday 20 September 2011

It's Christmas....

I have really enjoyed doing the mug rug and goodie swap, its been nerve wracking and at several points I thought 'never again' - so guess what!
I have signed up for another one: check this one out:

susans christmas tablerunner swap

Susan has set it all up and will be organising.  And seeing as it is the lovely Susan, and such a fantastic idea, there was no way I was going to say no.

I was away in Turkey at the start of the goodie swap, so was a little tardy in adding my mosiac, which was a little lacking in pictures.  It probably didn't help my partners either as everything was so varied!
So, check this out for being organised - I have done my mosiac. 

This was my 3rd attempt, as I kept loosing my pictures.  On this attempt when I copied and pasted the html concerning the pictures it all dissapeared! I couldn't go back and risk loosing it all again.  i am fairly certain that if you click on the picture you will see who it is credited to: so if one of these is yours and you dont see your name, I am sorry!
Anyway, I love Christmas, and although Susan says it does not have to be christmas fabric, I am fine if it is, or has a mixture
So what are you waiting for - go and get Christmasy and sign yourself up


  1. Aw, thanks Catherine. What a lovely post. And a great mosaic!

  2. Will be fun to do this one with you too Catherine!

  3. I'll be watching - how quick were you to get a mosaic done!!


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