Thursday 8 September 2011

Thursday already!

At last I am catching up!! Altho still not quite there - on the QAL

I have been sewing as soon as I got in from work and then after tea, and even before I went to work yesterday morning!

I did iron this - honestly!

So, I feel like a bit of pressure has been lifted, but I still need to do the border - that can wait til the weekend (along with some revision!!)

A lot has happened these last couple of days. 
Going back to work was fine: I like my job so that helps.  I just wasn't looking forward to having to get back in to a routine but it soon all comes flooding back!

This is my eldest daughter, Jenny.  She really has had a rough week.  On Tuesday she went in to college to discuss her AS Level results (D, E, E) She really really wants to do child nursing and those grades were not going to get her to uni.  With the advise from college she has decided to retake year 12 and re-choose her exams.  She was doing Biology, Chemistry and Physcology (not how you spell it!).  She is now going to do a double award BTECH in Health and Social Studies and re start her ALevel Biology.  I am really proud of her, she has made the right decision.  She knows she won't be with her year group anymore, and that when they leave, she will still be there.  But she desperately wants to do the nursing and this is the way she has to go.
Today she has been to her first funeral - her best friends gran, who she knew and loved to pieces too.  She has had a rough day today.  On top of all that she came back from Turkey with a stomach bug that has never cleared up so she is really not eating.  She is off to the doctors tomorrow as it has been over 10 days since she has eaten properly!  She is now tucked up in bed recovering from a rubbish day!


  1. Oh poor Jenny! She has made a brave and obviously the right decision for her. Hope she soon feels back to her normal self. Jxo

  2. Poor Jenny, sounds like she made a very mature decision, good for her.

  3. Hope Jenny starts feeling better soon. Poor thing really has had a rotten week. Your quilt top is great though!

  4. love the green background on your cross quilt! sorry to hear your daughter's had a rough week. she'll work out the school stuff, it's not a mad dash to the finish line, slow and steady wins the race, right?! Best wishes to you both!

  5. Poor lass, choosing to repeat a year must be so daunting - good luck to her :-)

  6. hope things cheer up for Jenny and she`s feeling well again soon. Clever you for catching up!

  7. Good Luck Jenny with the BTech course! A Levels don;t suit everyone, I know from personal experince. Hope you feel better soon.

  8. You must be so proud of Jenny! What a mature decision! A levels suck. I dropped out midway through doing mine but with perseverance and some appropriate work experience managed to get into nurse training. It was probably 15 years or so ago and I know it's a degree course now but if Jenny is determined to do it I'm sure she will succeed!


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