Sunday 4 September 2011

Sunday evening blues

Well, after 6 fantastic weeks off (bar two days in the office), its back to the real world tomorrow and in to work.  Where did the time go!!  It has been lots of fun.

Today I was up early to get all my boring jobs done: sort out the garden before it rains, cook up a few meals for the freezer, housework and ironing.

Then I set to partner 2's mug rug.  I have done lots of research and I really hope I have got this right.

This was a labour of love: lots of very little half sqaure triangles, which, every time I do, I always say never again, but I knew it would give me what I wanted.  And my other pet hate: home made binding.  I nearly always buy mine off the shelf, its sooo much easier, but I knew I couldn't get away with a plain binding, it had to be bold and dotty.  So, I am really pleased with how it has turned out.
Well, I will be thinking of everyone tomorrow: back to work, school etc after the hols.  Maybe it won't be so bad.......  :-)


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