Friday 25 February 2011

wedding present


My friend Zoe is getting married on May 29th and I am maid
(don't like matron!) of honour. They got engaged on holiday last Easter. So, in honour of her wedding, I have made her and Tim a quilt and I finished to top off last night - round about when I was meant to be revising!!  It has taken me ages to make this quilt as the triangles are small.  It was made from a jelly roll: moda fresh figs, mill house inn.  These pictures do not show the lovely material to its best.
The pattern came from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott and was very easy to put together.  I did add an extra row, so now it fits the bed perfectly

Oviously now that I have put the quilt on my blog, I can't tell Zoe that I have started a blog or she will see her quilt, which means that I will probably be stuck at 3 followers for a while!
On top of getting marrried in May she and Tim found out that they are expecting a baby in July, so she is having her wedding dress altered! 

So, now I am knitting another quilt, like the one I did for Daniel.  And speaking of which isn't he gorgeous:
 Myself and my youngest, Beccy, with Daniel

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