Thursday 3 February 2011

Scrap quilt

this is one of my more recent quilts - made from a lot of my scraps.  I love it because whenever I look at it, I can see all the other things that I have made from those bits of material. And it was sew easy to make, in fact I wish i had made it bigger.  Beccy is also in the process of making one of these, but I get the feeling that she has done the sewing together part and the rest is up to me...

She sewed these squares like a demon.  She used the same scraps as me, but I used white in the middle of mine and they have both come out so differently.  I need to find the time now to finish it off for her.
Both my girls enjoy sewing. I will save their finished projects for tomorrows post....

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  1. Oh Catherine, I think that is gorgeous. Not sure if I have enough long stringy scraps yet but would love to try that some day. Don't tell Beccy but I think I prefer the touch of white and it reminds of stained glass windows sort of.


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