Sunday 27 February 2011

Cathedral Windows

 Whilst browsing all those wonderful quilting blogs recently, I seem to have come across a lot of pictures of quilts and cushions made with the cathedral window pattern - and they all look fab

So, I decided I would have a go.  I searched for tutorials and came across this one, which I have used:

It was all wonderfully explained, with great pictures and has definately done the job for me.  It is a fiddly job though - I don't mean because of the instuctions, but the actual pattern itself.  And for those who dont like ironing, this probably isn't the quilt you want to do!  Anyway, I started yesterday and this is how far I have got so far:

I intend to make a cushion cover with it.
And I have even found it is compatible with revising.  I have a test on Tuesday afternoon, which is a lot less hands on than any of the others, but involves a lot of parrot fashion learning.  So, I pick a paragraph, say it out loud and then start sewing, talking away to myself the whole time.  I do appear to have learnt quite a lot and it has seemed a lot less of a chore.  Proof will be in the results of course!

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  1. looking good! I have a tutorial on my blog on cathedral windows too if you ever need to refer back although mine is not by machine, it's by hand. Hmm I should try the machine method! Fi


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