Wednesday 23 February 2011

My settee

 This is my settee with all my homemade cushions and a throw over quilt.  (it also happens to be a very comfy sofa bed)
 This is a cushion that my sister in law made me for christmas - isn't it fab, and very patriotic

the cushion on the right, I made, my first attemp at log cabin. it was very theraputic

 The cushion on the left I made yesterday, after I saw these 3 fabrics and knew I had to buy them.  I already had the jumbo ric rak and the flowers, so it all came together very nicely.  The knitted cushion on the right was some left over wool for a fab cardi I knitted for my daughter

 And then this is the quilt on the back of the settee.  It was made from a few fat quarters, that I bought in a bundle and an old duvet cover that I was given.  I always take things like that because I know I can chop them up to make something at a knock down price!

The old quilt is the pink and white material used as the sashing around the squares.  This was a nice quilt to make and came together quickly.  The backing is an old single sheet, although I did buy the fabric for the binding!

The weather is so horrid here at the moment, well it is half term!  I usually don't work in the school holidays, but was working monday morning, exam monday afternoon, working thurs and friday.  In between I am revising for another exam on tues afternoon, but out of all the revision I have had to do, this is by far the most boring and I am not doing very well.  So, I need a break.  I think I will go and find my sewing machine.....

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  1. Hi Catherine, thanks for posting your 1st quilt on my blog - it looks like quite a tricky first quilt and I can only gasp at you hand quilting it thro poly wadding - if you look at my recent posts you will find an amusing account of me unpicking LOTS of quilting that I bodged using polyester. Am linking to your blog and hope you'll visit mine again soon.


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