Tuesday 8 February 2011

Valentines project (especially for Heather!)

 On Sunday we started block 2 of our sew a long, which had a valentines theme.  Once our squares were done (completed blocks to follow) I had a lot of scrappy red and white left over, so I decided to do something with them.  Ist I sewed the scraps together - these scraps are any old width, just sew them in a row.  I then sewed a panel on each end, I have had these for a while and they were just waiting for a project.  Then I cut along the top and bottom to neaten up

I did two of these rows.  It doesn't matter what length they are, as long as they are longer than the two end panels.  Fantastic way to use up scraps.

 I didn't really know where I was going with this when I started but decided some sort of place mat would be the way to go.
 So, I had some nice cream and gold fabric that I have had lying around for a while and decided to use that and then thought a bit of red ric rac would break it all up:

I decided that the cream and gold all over was too much, so went with the white in the middle on either side of the middle panel.  Then I sewed on the ric rac, but some wadding in the middle, some backing on and had some red satin binding which I used - and hey presto:all from some scraps.  I am thinking that I will hand quilt two red hearts on either side of the middle panel just to finish it off.  (I havn't finished sewing the binding at the back yet either!)

It might not win any competitions (!), but it took all of about 2 hours to make, used up some scraps and will look lovely somewhere in our home.

And this was a previous table topper that I made from some left over scraps

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