Saturday 19 February 2011

Blue quilt

 I love this quilt, love the colours, love the pattern, love the size......  It took a long time to make, probably the best part of a year, on and off obviously.  It was another free pattern, from quilters cache, a fabulous website with a huge selectoion of blocks to choose from.  I choose a block, knew what colours I wanted and off I went.
It is a very versatile quilt, lovely for lying under on summer nights (you know, those few hot days that we have) when a full duvet is too much and soooo toasty in the winter - it has definately been used a lot this winter!
it is a horrid wet cold weekend here - perfect for sewing, but I have been revising as I have an exam on Monday afternoon and then another one the following Tuesday.  It is half term and I should have the week off, but I am working for a couple of days, which is rubbish!  But once these two exams are out of my way, then I have finished my intermediate year.  I will take a break then until the summer and take time to sort out the house and do lots of sewing!

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