Tuesday 8 February 2011


This is a large cushion that Beccy made, about 3 years ago, so she was 11.  I bought the squares ready cut off ebay and she arranged them and sewed them all together.  Not bad for a 1st project!

This quilt was made by Jenny last year,  the pattern came from the fabulous moda bake shop website.  They have amazing patterns on there for people to use: if you don't know the website I can definately suggest you have a look.  You won't know which pattern to do first
And this one is also Jennys. She is a big animal lover, so I bought animal fat quarters whenever I saw them and when I had enough, suggested that she made the quilt.  This was her 1st quilt so she stuck to squares.  Its fantastic.  We found some great flame orange material to go around the outside - really makes a saffari theme
I have a project that I was working on on Sunday, which I will post now, but in a separate post.

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