Wednesday 29 February 2012

Fabulous post received

It seems like ages since I last logged on to blogger.  My days are so long at the moment, that when I get in and have cooked tea all I want to do is curl up with a book or a film!  This is our busiest time of year and from now until the end of April is going to seem like groundhog day!!  Thankfully I have started up swimming again and that is really helping with the stress/tiredness levels!  Anyway, tonight I will try and catch up with all my blog reading

In the meantime I have received my mouthy stitches parcel

This parcel of loveliness came from Ella at shimmy blister.  She got me down to a T.  The blues are easily my favourite colour and the charcoal is just perfect

 I may have mentioned several times on the flickr swap that I am not a fan of natural coloured linen - although some of the designs did make me change my mind, but on the whole I just don't get it.  Ella obviously heard me loud and clear!!

the sides and the bottom
She obviously stalked me very well!

The pouches are being received thick and fast - its great to see what everyone else gets as well: something else that I need to catch up on tonight! 


  1. If I can ever sort my flikr out I can see too, but congrats on a lovely pouch. It`s so lovely when your partner gets you spot on. Enjoy the pouch and your lovely scraps!

  2. This is a fab pouch Cath,! Enjoy! Jxo

  3. Isnt this just the greatest swap... like all our Christmas es come at once xx Keep well x

  4. Lovely pouch, and a design with lots of space inside too!

  5. This swap was fantastic. I'm still waiting for mine, and getting depressed because so many pouches that I hoped might be coming to me have already found their new home. You did so well, it's a gorgeous pouch. I do like natural linen, but I don't understand how some people are just crazy about it.

  6. Good for you with the swimming :)
    Lovely bag and the scraps look great too!


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