Sunday 19 February 2012

Beyond fiddly

I have been wanting to try making something with a clasp for a while, but wasn't sure if I could do it
When I was at Lakeside on Thursday, Primark were selling of little clasp purses for a £1.  I bought 3.
I ripped out the primark material so I was left with a lovely heart clasp

and made one into a glasses case

I have never done anything so fiddly!  There was a lot of glue all over me and a lot of swearing.  This is not a job to do with children around

Now, I don't know if it was this fiddly as I didn't buy a clasp from a 'reputable' supplier, maybe they are easier?

As you can see, the right side fitted in to the clasp at the hinges better than the other side, but its not disaterous.

All in all I am pleased with the result and will definitely tackle the other two clasps that I bought (they are all slightly different)

And may I suggest a large glass of wine afterwards!!


  1. What a bargain! Such funky and cheeky fabric!

  2. I haven't attempted one of these yet for that v.fiddly reason! Jxo

  3. wow! HOW large a glass of wine was needed?

  4. I've always avoided these clasps too thinking I'm bound to make a right old mess of it - yours looks lovely!

  5. Definitely not disastrous! Great job Catherine for a first effort. Perfectly usable and the next one will be even easier!

  6. lovely work and well done you! I wouldn't have the patience to make that at all but they do look fabulous as does yours! x

  7. Love that fat bottomed girl fabric. Great use of it and great idea to use a frame from something you bought cheap. I have never tried these frames and thought I would replace my fear of zippers with these instead!

  8. Haha! That fabric is beyond comical. I've got a frame to make one of these but I got down to it and didn't have the energy to fight the fiddly. Great idea reusing a cheapo bargain buy, just brilliant! Not sure I'll get around to making one anytime soon but I'll definitely partake in the giant glass of wine, LOL.

  9. I'm behind in my readers so just saw this! It does get easier! Did you use cord as well to push the fabric in, you can use a little less glue that way as well - keep trying and you'll need less wine!


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