Thursday 9 February 2012

Chilly enough for you?

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm at the moment.  It has been soooo chilly!!
I managed to get home before 4pm today, so was able to help Beccy with some of her sewing (for her GCSE) so we were sat around the kitchen table sewing together.

I made this:

ever so easy to make, although next time I would make the middle a little bit smaller.
I have next week of and fancy making a bag. Now that I know I can make a flower, I would like to make one to go on the bag

I have also ordered some fabric from Fabric Rehab, which was delivered within 48 hours

I don't know what I will eventually do with these, other than look at them for a while

Best of all, I have discovered that their shop is about 20 mins from me in Dedham: so that may also be on my to do list for next term

I have a night out tomorow night, so am hoping that this threat of snow won't put pay to that!


  1. It's snowed where I am! I was really hoping it would miss us!

  2. Lovely fabric - enjoy just looking at it!

  3. dont you just love it when fabric comes ...QUICKLY xx

  4. The fabrics are great! I like most the one with the tea pots! You have any plans with them?
    The flower is also great!


  5. Yummy fabrics C! And cute flower too - will look perfect on a bag! Have a great night out! Jxo

  6. oh, we're warm alright....downunder of course

    nice stash additions...

  7. Gorgeous!! I'm making quilts as fast as I can so I can cover myself in them and try to get warm ;)


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