Friday 17 February 2012

A bit of a blur

I have had the whole of this week off and it has been lovely.

On Tuesday we went in to London to see Alison and Daniel.  We went out for lunch and Dan was the star of the show

Nice try, but I don't think so!!
I was still suffering with my back so thought the red wine would help the painkillers!!We had a lovely walk through Highgate park after lunch

you can just about see the city of london through the trees

We went to Lakeside yesterday and Jenny and I have been swimming a few times too, and I have met up with a friend for lunch..... and I have nearly completed the studying for my next unit, so will be gearing up for another exam soon. I really needed this week off  and am pleased to say that my back is feeling much better now too.

I have also finished off a quilt, which I will show you tomorrow, and I have done my first block for the stained qal

All of these fabrics were from my stash, so am feeling good about not buying any new fabric - and I love how it looks.  These are my blocks all laid out

All laid out, but all need sashing - wanted to make sure that they all fitted together!
Can't believe the last 5 days off work have gone so quickly! Movie night for Beccy and I tonight, whilst Jen is out with her friends.


  1. Enjoy the movie. I think your Stained quilt is going to look great!

  2. Excellent choice of sashing colour - it's setting it off really nicely!

  3. Oooh its exciting to see the quilt laid out!

  4. Oh wow you've really got on with your SG quilt. It's looking great! Sounds like a fab week too!

  5. Glad you've had a great week, and a productive one at that. Just watched 'The death and life of Charlie St.Cloud' with Zac Efron - I'd give it 7 out of 10! Jxo


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